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Karooooo Stock Soars on Announcement of Buyback Program

Has Karooooo's recent announcement of a stock buyback program impacted its share

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What is the current state of energy stocks and commodity prices, and

Gensler Addresses Lawmakers on SEC’s Erroneous Bitcoin ETF Tweet

Did the SEC's official Twitter account issue a false statement about Bitcoin

Consumer Sector Update: Latest Market Movements

What was the state of consumer stocks late Monday afternoon, and how

Nvidia Challenges Amazon in Market Cap Rank, Reaches 52-Week Peak

Is Nvidia surpassing Amazon in market capitalization rankings? Recently, Nvidia's market cap

Cooper-Standard Names Alison Nudd New Chief Accounting Officer

Who has Cooper-Standard appointed as their new Chief Accounting Officer? Cooper-Standard has

Trading 212 Set to Launch Card Services for UK Users

What new financial service is Trading 212 introducing for its UK user

Oil Prices Retain Last Week’s Gains Amid Mixed Market Movements

What factors are influencing the current stability in oil prices? Crude oil

Asia Update: Global Markets Morning Call

Could global markets be anticipating shifts following the upcoming U.S. inflation data?

US Yields Taper Off as Inflation Report Looms

What is the current trend in U.S. Treasury yields ahead of the

Soybean Futures Climb as South American Weather Dries Out

What is influencing the recent rise in soybean futures? Soybean futures have

Livestock Prices Dip on Softening Demand — Market Review

Are livestock prices declining due to low meat demand? Livestock prices have

India Markets Wrap: Stocks, Rupee, Swaps, Call Rates at Close

How did India's financial markets perform at the close? At the close,

Glencore Prepares to Offload Nickel Mine Stake Amid Price Plunge

Is Glencore selling its stake in the Koniambo Nickel joint venture? Amidst

Uber EPS Shatters Estimates: Is Growth Slowing Down?

Is Uber's growth showing signs of deceleration despite quadrupling EPS estimates? Uber

Taiyo Holdings Foregoes Share Buyback for January

Did Taiyo Holdings engage in a share buyback in January as anticipated?

The 10-Point: Your Guide to Today’s Top News by The Wall Street Journal

Could a seemingly inconsequential buyout deal cause disruption within an investment bank?

Valirx Inks Research and Evaluation Pacts with Dundee University

What are the details of the agreements between Valirx and the University

European Markets Rally Midday on Prospects of Rate Cut

What is the current outlook for rate cuts and how is it